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What is Citrus

Citrus Token is the future of the CryptoCurrency Market. The mission of this token is to change the face of the gaming industry. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, we now have dozens of games that they power. But there's still much room for improvement in the industry as a whole. It's time for a new token to start taking center stage, and we think our Citrus token can make it happen.

Our USPs

Using Convenient System, an investor can hold limited worth of Citrus Token in a single wallet until the conclusion of Private Sale.

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Citrus is gaming token mined to fund blockchain gaming and introduce high-tech multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

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The funds acquired by distribution of token will be reinvested to build DApps, Global Branhs, CitrusEx and Utilities.

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We'll distribute 5% of the liquidity acquired at the dusk of Private Sale and IDO sale to Covid relief programs & NGOs.

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Seasoned and passionate players from all across the globe working towards a singular vision.

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Comprehensive analysis of the token's code ensuring safety.

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With millions of tokens under our hands, Citrus Tech has allocated and divided the tokens in a way that seems beneficial for every department. The gist of token division in the form of Citrusy Orange pieces

Total Supply: 383,000,000
Initial Burned: 3,000,000
Available Supply: 380,000,000
Total Tokens 380,000,000


Citrus has a very extensive and prolonged roadmap with major emphasis on the overall development of the Citrus ecosystem. The developers of Citrus tokens are focused on the long-term vision of the project, they intend to make sure that their project hits all its milestones and objectives while building a transparent, secure platform to make trading cryptocurrencies easy and accessible for everyone.

Citrus Token Journey

Don’t worry if you don’t know what token is. If you are a beginner in the blockchain world, we’ve got your back. Stay connected with us to know more about Citrus and its offering.

Citrus is a Binance Smart Chain token that aims to accelerate the transformation of gaming and also offering a range of solutions to the Blockchain world through the next-gen DeFi ecosystem, NFTs, and advanced DApps, and more.


Unveiling the Citrus Token and the Citrus website to the world


We sold more than 36 million tokens and burned over 70 million tokens after the end of our private sale.


Citrus token listed on the first International Exchange and crossed the $2 mark


Launched our very own blockchain game "Clash Crush Block"

Aug 2020

The development phase of the token began.

Oct 2020

Citrus Token was created.

Nov 2020

The development phase of the token began.

Dec 2020

The development phase of the token began.

Jan 2021

The development phase of the token began.

Feb 2021

The development phase of the token began.

March 2021

The development phase of the token began.

Apr 2021

The development phase of the token began.

May 2021

The development phase of the token began.

Jun 2021

The development phase of the token began.

Jul 2021

The development phase of the token began.

How to Buy/Sell on

Upcoming Drops

We are now focused on making Citrus accessible all around the globe. We are soon going to list our Citrus Token on some of the biggest crypto exchanges all around the world.


Citrus coded a multifaceted cryptocurrency exchange to empower investors

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NFT Market Place

Here's our take on the NFT Bandwagon but with a Citrus twist. Shop valuables from a marketspace inspired by colours and creativity all around the globe.

Chat App

Security and privacy matter a lot to people all around the world. So we thought, why not build a platform secure enough to provide for overall user privacy and security. Here's our very own blockchain-based Web3 Messaging application.

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